Saturday, February 27, 2010

Curacao, Feb. 27, 2010

Today is supposed to be the first organized day--we were supposed to work out in the 50-meter pool with coaches Vlad and Boris this AM, BUT the coaches are not here--delayed by the big snow in New York.... so we swam in the open water this morning. Not as calm as yesterday, for sure. We swam out against the current, shown in the first photo then around the rocks and back in, shown in the second photo above. About a mile for those of us who took this short course--others kept going and returned about 15 minutes later.
Yesterday we put bikes together and went to Willemstaad for lunch, the Iguana cafe like last year. Good food, cold beer, warm weather... what could be better? I got a surprise when I put my bike together--the new saddle that I took out of the bike cabinet (ordered 2 years ago for the coast to coast ride, it arrived late and was still in its packaging) has script on the back. It says "ride like a girl". AAAUGGGHHH. Fast looking bike, dorky looking saddle. I guess that's what you get when you order from a catalog (and don't look at it when it arrives).
The people here are amazing. They all speak five languages--the waiters, the hotel clerks, cab drivers, kids.... everyone! I am truly impressed.
Last night's sunset, as seen from Walt and Phyllis's patio. Dinner at Hemingway's and then off to my room where I did not sleep. As usual. Now it's off for a bike ride, my first this year!


Anonymous said...

found the swim bag under the sewing table. Home computer still off line

Anonymous said...

I thought you knew your saddle said that! I noticed it on Wednesday when you were packing.