Monday, March 1, 2010

Curacao, March 1, 2010

We finished the day yesterday with an open water swim, some Scrabble on the beach (in the shade of course) and dinner at Mambo's, shown above. In the afternoon the rest of the people we were expecting arrived, mostly from New York City, including our swim coaches Boris and Vlad and bike coaches Jonathan and Mike.

This morning was our first pool practice coached by Boris and Vlad. They filmed us, so that later in the week they can show us how we looked when we started compared to how good we will look at the end of the week. We did stroke drills and kick drills, and near the end of the 2000 meter practice Boris told us to do 4 50-meter swims, breathing every 9th stroke on the first 50, then every 7th stroke, every 5th and finally every 3rd stroke on the last 50. When we gasped and said we could not swim breathing only every 9th stroke he told us it is very simple, just hold your breath. That's Boris for you.

I went on the "fashionable" bike ride at 11 AM today, 18 miles at a moderate pace with actual stops for water. This is very different from the "fast"ride that takes place at 1 PM. I got a little help from Jonathan and he suggested we lower my seat--I was warned by the bike shop that if I put a cushier seat on the bike that it would no longer be a perfect fit... It was 88 degrees when we started, 99 when we finished the ride, hot enough for me! I discovered with dismay at the end of the ride that there is a large gouge in my new bike. I did not see it when I unpacked or rode it earlier this week... no idea how it got there. It's back to the bike shop for me as soon as I get home!

I am going to eat lunch and read or try to pick up a Scrabble game this afternoon in the shade of course--there are many sun worshippers here, but not me!

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