Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Curacao, March 2

This morning we practiced early in the pool, and the turnout was small... there were only 7 of us. The rest decided to save their strength for other things, or just did not want to have to rush breakfast.. We got out of the pool at 8:10, had to eat and get ourselves and our bikes ready to board the bus at 9:00. It was a rush for sure!

We got on the bus with all of our bikes hanging in the back, minus front wheels. The driver took us past the city of Willemstaad, across the bridge that does not allow bikes, past the construction areas, and dropped us off on a desolate corner in the middle of nowhere. We put our bikes together and rode rolling hills all the way to the other side of the island to Knip beach. Remy and Charles cooked us a wonderful lunch! Chicken, fish, and sweet corn grilled to perfection, potatoes and onions, spicy peanut sauce, salad and bread. There was plenty to drink , both alcoholic and non alcoholic. Of course you know I would not drink and swim... the water truly is as beautiful as it looks in the photo.

Photo above is of swim coaches Boris and Vlad.

We arrived back at Lions Dive around 3:30. I went straight to my room, showered and treated my ears with my usual home remedy of alcohol and vinegar--I am having trouble with swimmers ear... I consulted one of our campers who is a doctor and she suggested that if my usual remedy does not work that I get some hydrogen peroxide, or see a pharmacist to see if antibiotics can be purchased without prescription here (as they can in some places). We have a veterinarian too, but I did not ask him... and an Opthalmologist..... and lots of elite triathletes--they talk about winning races! So impressive to an age grouper like me...

While unloading bikes, Basil told me that he noticed the ding on my bike the first day. So I guess it occurred during shipping. I do plan on getting it fixed, although Andy told me every ding on his bike tells a story and I could just let it tell my story..... no, it's too new to carry such a scar.

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