Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curacao, March 3

Wow, it's Wednesday already! I started this beautiful day with a 2 mile run. I knew I would be annoyed with myself if I did not take advantage of the opportunity to run without layers upon layers of clothing! I went out with 3 others who said they were going to run at my pace--they were a bit faster than me, but I figured out afterward that I did indeed run at the pace I intended. So life is good.

Not even time for coffee before heading to the pool for the morning workout. I really missed my zoomers today! For the kick drills everyone in my lane had them but me, so I did not keep up very well. But for the next drill Boris told the lane up from us that they could not wear zoomers but my lane could... Kate was kind enough to let me borrow hers for the rest of that drill. We ended the practice with 10 100-Meter swims alternating 50 M fast and 50 M recovery pace. Then that evil "breathe every 9 strokes" routine.... takes your breath away for sure!

I went for a massage on the beach today because my hip was aching after the morning run. The massage helped a lot--I walked out of there without a limp, unlike when I walked in. I strolled over to the Sea Aquarium and Dolphin Academy after that.

This should be another quiet evening--last night Scott, Osa, Judy and I walked a half mile to go to an outdoor fish place where the waves were lapping at our feet. Good food too! We may go back tonight. Photos show Kenneth (big iguana) and sunset from the beach last night.

Life is good.