Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 25, 2010. Florence to Charleston, OR. 56 miles.

By the time we were done breakfast and cleanup it was 9:00! A very late start for us.... I left Dianne behind on the first hill, and ended up riding part of the day with Pat, and we took each other's photos at this bridge just before Reedsport. The views were spectacular as we passed by Woahink Lake, Tahkenitch Lake, Clear Lake and the Umpqua River.
The dunes were off to our left as we traveled the coast, and we could see occasional glimpses of the ocean through the trees.

Just before the bridge at North Bend I stopped for a break and Pat, Dwight, Cydney and Andrea caught up to me. We walked the bridge all together, since the Adventure Cycling map said all cyclists MUST walk the bridge (seen behind us in the group photo).

We walked over a mile including the approach, the span, and the descent on the other side--I found the bridge architecture impressive. Almost like a church!

We passed through Charleston and left the cycling route to head to Sunset Bay State Park. There were spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, and many parks along the coast. That's as it should be! I found a small shop that sold postcards (finally!) and bought 2 for the boys.... the man there warned me of the Seven Devils Road, which we will be riding tomorrow.

Dianne and I got in a couple of games of Scrabble around dinner and route meeting. We finished the last few turns by flashlight, counted the tiles and called it a day. This was a noisy campground, with lots of kids and dogs, but miraculously everything quieted down at 10:00.


Joni said...

Looks like great weather so far. Was great meeting you. Say hi to Dianne. Hope the rest of the trip goes well. I will be checking in on your blog from time to time. Have fun.

Joni said...
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Joni said...
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roslyn said...

Love reading your blog....on our way driving down the coast we talked about your trip....especially around steep curves. Such a beautiful are in for a treat. See you in SF.