Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 26, 2010. Charleston to Port Orford, OR. 55 miles.

This was another lovely morning... the views on leaving Sunset Bay Park were the same as on the way in, but impressive none the less. We went out a couple of miles on the road we came in on last night, and then turned onto Seven Devils Road. We figure the road got its name for the evil hills, but did not count them. There were at LEAST seven of them. But it was a lovely ride. I had been warned about the lack of a shoulder on this road, and that was true, but there was no traffic at all. It was a lovely, difficult ride.
We found the Loon's cafe along the route in Bandon, a perfectly lovely seaside town. Pat had his latte, Dianne and I had croissant, bacon and egg sandwiches, Liz had a giant cinnamon roll and we all had COFFEE.

Upon leaving the coffee shop we took the Beach Loop and saw the Pacific in all its glory--it is breathtaking! A man at the same lookout took our photo--Pat, Liz, me, and Dianne below.

As we rode along the Beach Loop we discussed getting a motel room and just staying there to look at the ocean the rest of the trip. Of course we were kidding but it really was a spectacular thing to see, mile after mile.

When we got back on highway 101 we had a head wind the rest of the way to Port Orford. I did not take a photo of it, but Ross left an Adventure Cycling triangle on a utility pole with a note directing us to the Port Orford RV park. We had not known until we got there where we were supposed to camp tonight. The campground we had reserved had closed for the season a tad early...

We got to camp early enough to do laundry and have some social time. Above is Chuck, our tour leader. Pat took some photos around camp too, and took the one below of Dianne and me playing Scrabble (what else?) in front of my tent.

We all had a lovely evening--it felt great to be clean and have clean clothes! I went on the internet and blogged the first 2 days of the trip, but it was a very slow connection so I gave up. Below is Dianne in front of her home away from home.

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