Sunday, February 6, 2011

Florida 2011. Sunday February 6.

Dianne and I had planned to ride with her bike club again, but it was drizzling and we did not want to get the bikes wet... so we walked with Jan, played a couple of games of Scrabble, and then  decided that the sky looked clear enough to go for a ride.

We rode over to Tarpon Springs, and rode through Fred Howard Park, where the photos above were taken. It always amazes me that these parks are so underused.  Miles of beautiful shoreline and half a dozen cars there on a Sunday! There were a few fisherman out, and some birds drying their wings in the sun (what little sun there was today).

We planned to ride to Dunedin and have lunch, but it started sprinkling when we were almost there. So we skipped the lunch in the interest of getting home before the rain hit. We made it, with just a few bouts of light drizzle catching us on the ride home.  We rode 30 miles today, just what we wanted.  I have not been training this winter so we are increasing the mileage slowly while I am here. Depending on the weather in Michigan next month this might be all the training I get before the big ride in April.

After showers and omelets we played Scrabble until our eyes were square and we were getting grouchy--time to quit.  Thirteen games today, that is quite enough!

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