Monday, June 20, 2011

PALM. prep day June 18, 2011

June 17 we loaded up the truck and headed out to Harbor Beach, which is actually the end point of this year's Pedal Across Lower Michigan bike tour. I had reserved a room at one of the few lodging options in this small town. It was a bit musty, but I made it through the night (I am having a bad allergy season). Toby went out exploring and found what he thinks is a meteorite--it looks a lot like the one the proprietor had in his office, found on that beach. He told Toby he could not be sure of his without using a metal detector.... not sure if he was just letting him down easy. But Toby will take it home for his mother the geologist to examine and verify. Saturday morning we drove to Harbor Beach High School and got in line to load the bikes, then the luggage. We then boarded the buses for the ride to Ludington. We were on the bus for about 4 hours, not including the stop for lunch.
We arrived at Ludington High School, set up our tent and called my friend Christy. She and her husband Tim picked us up and took us out to dinner. It was great to see them--she just got back from a military deployment. We ate and visited and had a great time.... then Bill, Toby and I registered and went to the LONG meeting.

We went to bed early--even earlier than the official "quiet time" of 10 PM.

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Liza Bessert said...

Hi, Grandma!

I'm happy to see you had a fun time on your bike ride! I got home a while ago, but I'm still getting used to it here in Russia. Did you find out if the stone Toby have found is actually a meteorit? What a great thing for the young scientist!

Love, Liza