Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 19, 2011. Ludington to Hesperia. 52 miles.

There was a light rain when we took down the tent this morning. Fortunately it was done raining by the time we started riding. This was a pretty long day for the first day of the PALM. I was ready for it, but Bill and Toby struggled a bit... Toby was raring to go in the morning! I kept him well fed and well hydrated, even giving him some shot blocks when he was dragging before lunch.

We stopped when we saw a steam tractor.... it seems that every time I take Toby on a long ride we see a tractor beggging for a photo with a boy. This one was the best yet! How often do you see an old steam tractor along the roadside?

There was an optional loop on a bike path, which Toby and I chose to ride--it was a great path, like a tunnel of trees. When we stopped to take a photo, Toby said "Man, you look just like my mom!".

I had forgotten how much boys like to ride through the gravel and the puddles, things I usually avoid; I am riding my mountain bike on this ride, but more often ride on very skinny tires. We had a head wind all day. Our route took us east and south, and the brisk wind was from the southeast. Oh well. Such is life on a bike tour. You take what you get and run with it.

There were some interesting multiple person bikes on tour again this year. This family of 5 was on two bikes, with the trailer just in case the little guy got too tired.

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