Thursday, March 7, 2013

Palm Harbor, FL. March 1-2, 2013

Dianne dropped me off Friday morning at the Pinellas Rail Trail so I could do my last long run (12 miles). After my run I was so very done.... did not go to Scrabble club and did not go with Dianne to her tennis luncheon--good thing too, since she did not get home until after 5 PM! I spent that time playing Scrabble with Jan. She has more control than Dianne and me.... she quit after 4 games.

This morning we got into our bike clothes and pumped up our tires in time to meet the bike club for their Saturday morning ride, but as soon as we opened the garage door and headed out it started raining. We so do not want to have to clean our bikes! So we turned around and went back in the house!

After a couple of hours (and 5 games of Scrabble) we went for our bike ride. My toes are still aching from yesterday's run so I was really glad to do our own ride and not have to keep up with the bike club! It was 52 degrees and very windy, but sunny when we went out. Today was the first time I've been cold since I arrived here....

We rode back out to Lake Chautauqua Park, then to Safety Harbor for lunch. Here is Dianne at the mysterious chimney in Lake Chautauqua Park.

I was plenty ready for lunch--this was the first time this trip that we ate lunch indoors! On the way home we rode through Phillippe park (pronounced FILLIPEE), which commemorates Odet Phillipe, who was Napoleon Bonaparte's surgeon and settled here in 1842. We had a head wind most of the way home,  not fun! We both decided that today's 23 mile ride was much harder than the 50 mile ride we did on Thursday.

We had to go to the store to get epsom salts and a pan to soak my still extremely sore toes--I know I am going to lose 3 toenails.... While out Dianne bought 2 new pans for cooking. (I threw away 2 of hers earlier in the week when one leaked through the bottom while I was cooking and the other had a bubble on the bottom).  She also bought some plates so she has enough for a guest or 2 and a new can opener and peeler. Her pots and pans and utensils are all over 40 years old! Jan thinks I am a miracle worker for convincing her to update.  We had a grand time in the stores; we are not usually shoppers, but you do what you gotta do!

Now it is supper and wine and scrabble. The end of another fine day.

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