Thursday, March 7, 2013

Palm Harbor, FL. March 3, 2013

Just like yesterday it started drizzling as soon as we were ready to leave on the bikes this morning. But unlike yesterday we got on the bikes anyway. It was 42 degrees, spitting drizzle and windy when we started out at 8 AM. The rain never materialized, which was a very good thing.

This is very cold for Florida this time of year. That could be plainly seen by the number of cyslists who showed up for today's ride. Last Saturday when it was 70 degrees there were over a hundred riders. This morning there were about a dozen for their monthly Starbucks ride.  We headed out from the Publix in Dunedin, rode through Lake Chautauqua Park and took a roundabout route to the Starbucks in Safety Harbor.

The group split in half near the beginning of the ride, and by the time the second group got there (including me) the first group was almost ready to leave. That's why there are so few of us in the photo that Heidi took of us. Notice everyone's cold weather biking clothes!

On the way back we were all a little chilly, so the leaders of our group ramped up the pace. I was struggling to keep up with them when they got above 18 MPH. Anthony and Barry took care of me, and Dianne later told me that Anthony always makes sure that no one gets left behind.... What I don't get is what got into Dianne???? I can't get her to ride at 15 MPH on tour; she wants to ride at 12. Yet there she was at the head of the pack maintaining 18 MPH, and creeping up above 20 frequently. What gives?

When we got home she went to the gym while I showered, snacked and RESTED. I was beat after that crazy ride!  We read the paper and played Scrabble the rest of the day.

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