Thursday, March 7, 2013

Palm Harbor, FL. March 4-5, 2013.

Monday morning it would have been easy to stay in. We were both a little slow from yesterday's chilly ride, but Dianne went out to play tennis as scheduled. I'll say it again: retirement is not for sissies! She is so active and busy all year long...

After she got back from tennis she made us lunch and we got on the bikes for one last ride. I knew that if I did not ride today I would regret it when I got back home! It was sunny and 70, if a little breezy.

We rode the Pinellas Trail to Tarpon Springs. Dianne showed me where the trail was being extended--by the next time I come here it will have another long loop, which will keep us off another busy road. We passed by a little creek where we saw a wood stork (in photo), a great blue heron, a small crested heron and an egret, all dipping for something.... must have been good; they were very busy.

Since it's been chilly here, we rode over to Spring Bayou to see if the manatees were in, and they were! We could see at least a dozen, and there was a crowd of people watching and taking photos.

On the way out of Tarpon Springs we saw a group of people in kayaks with outriggers. It seemed to be a lesson or group paddle. Looked like fun, but I could not fit one more activity into this trip!

We returned home via the Pinellas Rail Trail and I packed up my bike and arranged for it to be shipped home. Then we went out for victory dinner! Back to Tarpon Springs, to Mama Maria's, where we first saw the lamb shanks that were served to someone else when we ate lunch there last week. Now it was time for the Scrabble debt to be paid--Dianne owed me just under $20 this time (we play for a penny a point). So I had this luscious dinner, a glass of wine, and dessert!

Tuesday morning we played a few last games of Scrabble (total for the trip: 111 games!). I treated Dianne to lunch at the Sea Shack on the way to the airport (one last grouper sandwich). After an uneventful flight Bill picked me up and I am back home. Another great trip behind me!

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