Monday, June 16, 2014

June 13, Oskaloosa to Hiawatha, KS. 56 miles.

We started out bright and early on this lovely day. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was light and variable--the perfect day for cycling. Bill signed up to be a SAG and was at the second water stop, held in a cemetery.  Unfortunately a funeral came in and they had to relocate across the road later in the morning.

Dianne has been riding with Sue all week, so the three of us attempted to ride together. It was quite hilly, so that did not work--Dianne and I can't ride together on the hills!

We arrived at Hiawatha and ate home made ice cream; the one-cylinder gas engine on the wagon is used to make the ice cream. Then Dianne and I played Scrabble until it was time for dinner.

There was no dinner option at the school, so buses and tractors pulling wagons delivered us to the dinner spot of our choice--the Agricultural Museum, the Courthouse square or the bar downtown.
We opted for the Ag Museum and bison burgers.

After waiting in a line for 40 minutes and not moving forward at all we decided not to wait any longer. Dianne got in a wagon behind a tractor to go to the Courthouse and Bill and I walked back to the school and drove the truck to the bar. We ordered our food right away, and people all around us were eating what looked like really good food... even the people who came in after us. When we finally got our food it had taken so long (people who came in after us had eaten and left) that the manager came over and told us she was buying our dinner! She told us that the bike tour more than doubled the population of the town.

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