Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 24, 2014. Greenville to St. Johns, MI. 54 Miles.

This is one of the hilliest days of the tour, and it started out wet. We packed up the wet tents and I got on my wet bike and started out alone. Bill is going to ride the second half and Tom is taking the day off.

There were a lot of bikes at McDonalds, less than a mile from our starting point. I guess I am not the only one who does not like powdered eggs. It never stopped raining all day. I stopped at a little store in Carson City (mile 26) where I got a hot cup of coffee and talked with Jeff, Evan and Joe. Evan was kind enough to let me use his dry shirt to wipe off my camera before putting it back into its ziplock bag. Not a good day for taking pictures! Bill is supposed to start riding from here.

I caught up with Bill at the fruit stop, about 6 miles into his ride and 32 miles into mine.

We rode out together but I left him behind on the first hill. I needed to get done and get dry and warm! I finished the ride at 12:10 and met Tom at St. Johns High School, our camping spot for tonight. He liked my "drowned rat" look and took my photo as soon as I arrived. There was a lull in the rain so we set up both tents before going in to shower. We discussed driving out to find Bill (I had left him a message at the last SAG stop) but he did not call and we decided it made more sense to put up the tents while the rain had abated somewhat.

That was a good move, because it poured rain right after we finished getting set up. I went off to another cold shower while Tom waited for Bill. He arrived safe but wet, and we all went out to lunch. After lunch we went to the St. Johns Train Depot Museum. I bought post cards for the grandchildren and we toured the old depot and walked through cars in various states of reconstruction. There also is a huge miniature train display in the depot.

It rained again later in the evening. Facts we heard at the meeting: the youngest rider on a trail-a-bike is 6 years old; youngest on the back of a tandem: 5 years old; youngest on an individual bike is 9 years old and youngest in a trailer is 1. This is truly a family ride--they have activities for children every afternoon. Today they worked on a tie-dye project and played with a parachute in the gym (too wet to be outside).

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