Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 25, 2014. St. Johns to Flushing, MI. 55 Miles.

It was not raining when we got up this morning. That's a very good thing! Tom and I started out riding while Bill took the truck forward to the halfway point. This system is working out very well for all of us.

Fortunately I was still riding with Tom when I had another shoe malfunction. This time the shoe would not uncleat from the pedal and I was stuck. Tom unstrapped the shoe so I could get my foot out and we used pliers to get the shoe free. Then I loosened up the springs on both pedals.

It was very windy today, and the wind was from the northeast; of course we were riding north and east. When I left Tom I told him to expect me at the campsite around 1 PM. When I arrived at 1:02 Bill and Tom were in the truck, driving out of the school! Bill had sent me a text that they were going out to look for a lunch spot, but I flagged them down and we all went together. We had lunch at Kathy's and discussed how fortunate we were that we had had great lunches all week.

It was still very windy when we got back, but Bill and Tom had set up the tents already. The showers were warm; life is good! Below is an illustration of the wind--people dried their tents before setting them up.

By having our own truck here we avoid unloading the big truck, searching for our luggage among close to 2000 bags, and plugging our phones in on the phone tree--we charge them in the truck each night. We're all pleased with our arrangement for the guys to ride half days and move the truck forward. Now I won't want to do it any other way.

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