Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 30, 2017. Squaw Valley to home.

Bill and I went to breakfast and then walked around Squaw Valley for about an hour before checking out. It was another perfect morning!

After loading the car we drove to Donner Monument State Park. We put on our showshoes and set out on the trail to Donner Lake. It was a beautiful trail; it made me wish we had done this trail in the first place instead of going to Northstar.

It was about a mile to Donner Lake, which was not quite frozen over. A couple we had met in the parking lot showed up in time to take our photo, but we did not see them again after that.

We took a circle trail instead of turning around and retracing our steps back to the parking lot. It was a bit softer than the trail out to the lake, but I was glad we went that way.

We went into the visitors center to change clothes, stopped in Truckee for lunch and then headed to Reno airport. We were there in plenty of time for our flight to Phoenix. Unfortunately the plane we booked from Phoenix to DTW was very late. As a result we did not get home until 4 AM.

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