Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 19, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

It was a little foggy this morning so we waited until after 9 AM to get on the bikes. We rode over to the Pinellas Trail at Dunedin, mostly using the bike lanes on busy roads. We got on the trail and headed south toward Clearwater. We stopped at Dunedin rail station--it was a station when this rail trail was a railroad!

There is a restaurant within a box car right along the trail. The sculptures are in front of the station.

After our break at Dunedin station, we went on to Clearwater. We crossed the bridge over the causeway with not too much traffic. Once there we stopped at Pier 60 and looked at the beach. I also went into the visitors center to see what was new and interesting.

There is bungee jumping on the beach now, and a large bounce house.

I stopped to look at the Pirate Ship. The woman at the visitors center said the Pirate Cruise is really well done and that all the kids love it. She's from Dearborn, MI! It's such a small world.

We rode back across the bridge, in the background behind Dianne. We discussed eating in Clearwater but decided to push for Dunedin so we'd be closer to home.

We stopped at Sandbar for lunch--blackened grouper sandwich and iced tea--what else??? By then we were only 5 miles from home--total miles for today: 32.

We came home and played Scrabble all afternoon, had a nice dinner, and now are done for the day.

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