Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

This morning Dianne played tennis and I swam 2000 yards. There were a few people in there for a short time but I mostly had the pool to myself, as usual. The swim went much better today--the other days I struggled.

After the swim and tennis we came home and had a quick snack and change of clothes, then went to the gym.  I paid $25 for a one week guest pass.  We spent an hour and a half working out, then DROVE to the bike shop in the same shopping center! Dianne bought her favorite bike shorts, which were on sale for 50% off, and a new helmet. I was searching for a new base for my old bike computer. Alas, they did not have one in their spare parts bin.

From there we went to the post office, forgetting that this was a federal holiday. Then to lunch at Gyro King.  From there to McDonalds to see if I could load the Garmin program on my notebook computer. Their internet was down.

We went to the grocery store and I used their wi-fi to load the program while Dianne filled the cart. We finally went home, played some Scrabble, and had dinner. Dianne looked in her bike cabinet and did not have a base for my bike computer. I hate to buy a new one when this one works! If I could get accustomed to the Garmin fitness tracker I would not need one. Guess I'll give it another try!

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