Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 28, 2017. Eaton Rapids to Grass Lake, MI. 44 Miles.

Here we are, most of us anyway, ready to start our day: Toby, Dianne, me, Dennis, Delia, Martha and Tom. We have found out as we go along that Delia and I pedal a bit faster than Alison and Zane (again, Zane does not actually pedal). So we got in the habit of biking at our own pace, waiting at the rest stops for them to catch up. Dianne has been staying back with Alison and crew to keep an eye on Adam. I am not sure but I think he's the youngest child riding on his own bike (he's 9).

There is always a fruit stop in the second half of the ride. These kind ladies volunteer every year--I would like to know how many melons they slice each day!

Here you can see the rigs that Alison and I are pulling. She pulls Zane in the red Wee-Hoo and I pull Delia on the trail-a-bike. Dianne is riding her new bike, and having a bit of trouble mounting and dismounting. Adam is riding the bike Toby rode in his first PALM, when he was 9 years old.

Delia and I waited for the rest of our group at the licorice stop, and then left ahead of them. Unfortunately, soon after we left them Adam wiped out. Alison called Bill to come and retrieve him and his bike after doing first aid on his knee and elbow.

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